The Main Sickbay of the USS Isannah now bears practically no resemblance to that which the ship posessed when she rolled off the staiths. The practise of medicine has changed, as have the responsibilities and duties of a Medical Department aboard a Federation ship of the line, and the Sickbay has been required to evolve to reflect those changes.

Sickbay Antechamber
The entrance to Sickbay faces directly onto a large foyer serving as a nexus for the entrances to the several rooms that make up the ship's primary medical facility. The floor of the large, oblong room is carpetted light blue, contrasting with the ivory and white wall panelling, and the beige doors.

To the left of the entrance is a small, beige table. Three comfortable chairs are placed around it to give the duty nurses somewhere to relax during a lull in the shift. Near the edge of the table are three coasters, and an LCARS access terminal. At the centre of the table is a holographic chessboard, currently rigged for some sort of fantasy battlechess. It seems black is winning, a game evidently having been interrupted - a dribbling, repugnant ogre-like greenskinned creature is towering menacingly over the hologram of a delicate white fairy.

At the centre of the room stands a two-shelved, wheeled trolley. The upper shelf is laden with the more commonly used articles of medical technology. The lower shelf contains several open metal boxes, each packed with small hypospray phials of various coloured liquids.

There are two hinged doors on the right-hand wall, each next to a small window. The nearest gives access to the office of the Isannah's Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Gear. The other belongs to his departmental assistant, Dr. Malcolm. There are twice as many doors on the far wall - from left to right, entrances to Isolab 1, Isolab 2, Isolab 3, and ship's Medical Stores.

The left-hand wall has an archway leading through to the large Biobed Room. A gentle orange glow from the wall-lighting filters through.

Biobed Room
This vaguely nonagonal room has numbered Biobeds placed against six of its walls, each with a wall-mounted readout for the bed-mounted scanners to output information to. Each scanner also has the capacity to output data directly to a tricorder.

The colour scheme betrays a more recent upgrade than the rest of the ship, beige being replaced with charcoal grey, and orange glowtubes providing constant illumination, as well as ceiling-mounted light systems. The carpet continues through from the Antechamber. Of all sections of Sickbay, the Biobed Room is undeniably the most oppressive.

To the right as one enters is a hermetically-sealed double door. The doors themselves are inscribed with the notice: Open Only with Direct Authorisation of the Duty Sickbay Officer - CLEAN ROOM.

Emergency Treatment Centre

Jokingly referred to as the Etcetera (a Human word meaning 'and all the rest'), this room was constructed at the particular request of the Isannah's current Chief Medical Officer, Commander Becknar Gear, who believes whole-heartedly that standard Fleet practise of utilising Cargo Holds as large-scale triage and emergency treatment facilities is outmoded and inefficient.

The room itself, as one enters, is a very-well lit, very empty rectangular space, with only one entrance. There is no carpet - a clinical, white tiled floor prevails instead. The walls are the same clinical white construction, as is the ceiling. In the event of an emergency situation, however - the only time the room is authorised to be opened, as it is maintained as a scientifically clean environment - the room changes dramatically.

The decor scheme remains the same, but the room is far from empty. From the walls fold out thirty flat litters - ten along both of the long walls, and five along both of the short walls. The black alcove in the wall left by these beds folds outover also, about two feet above the litter, revealing a limited sensor matrix with onboard display unit, and a supply of the drugs most commonly required in such an emergency (hypercoagulin, hypercryonin, etcetera).

The room is easily large enough for thirty patients to lie on litters and forty or fifty staff to treat them, and while it can serve as a MASH operating theatre, it is preferred that cases requiring instant or near-instant surgical treatment are given a dose of Hypercryonin and placed in the queue for one of the actual biobeds to become available.

Isolation Laboratories/Treatment Rooms

The Isannah's Isolabs are arranged according to the whims of her Chief Medical Officer. Each of the labs performs an essential duty that requires containment of the patient from the outside world (hence Isolation Lab, or Isolab, or simply ISO).

Isolab 1 is the Isannah's High Security Isolab. The room is the same gunmetal grey as the Biobed Room, and shares the oppressive orange glowlight against charcoal decor. At the centre is a Biobed with tritanium restraints, customisably clamped through holes in the bed, against its base (also tritanium), to handle multiple configurations of limbs.

There is a restricted-access medical cabinet on the far right hand side of the room, requiring a computer-recognised authorisation of a member of the medical staff to open. This is to prevent medical staff having to leave a restrained patient unobserved to obtain medical supplies, while still avoiding the remote possibility of the restrained patient breaking free and trying to obtain medical supplies for itself.

The door is reinforced tritanium and has a reinforced brig-level forcefield emitter setup, as well as the standard Isolab medical forcefield emitters.

Isolab 2 is the Isannah's Non-Humanoid Treatment Facility. A new refurbishment to Sickbay, overseen by Commander Gear and Lieutenant Rembregosa, the room includes a centre-mounted fully-customisable biobed, with up to three times the surface area of a standard biobed. The bed is designed to instantly scan the anatomy of the patient, and reconfigure itself accordingly. The credit for its design goes to Lieutenant Rembregosa, without whose ingenuity this project would have been impossible. Despite this, it shares the oppressive decor of Iso 1.

The Lab contains treatment and analysis facilities designed to handle 80% of medical conditions known to affect 85% of known non-humanoid lifeforms without any outside assistance whatsoever; more specialised cases require the assistance of the ship's Bioscience Labs.

The door has a medical-standard isolation forcefield emitter setup, and is reinforced to ensure containment of larger, more physically powerful non-humanoids (such as Changelings).

Isolab 3 is the Isannah's 'standard' Isolab, designed for analysis and investigation of pathogens and contagions within a controlled, medical environment. It has a biobed optimised for high-resolution scans of humanoid lifeforms mounted slightly off-centre to the right to make room for the lab worktop on the left-hand side.

The lab's primary function is diagnosis and treatment, but it also has facilities for analysis of compounds without patient concerns, though these are usually referred to the science department's Pathology laboratory and Doctor Brishan Raine.

At the far left is a sealed cabinet containing biohazmat suits. To the immediate right of that is a cabinet containing the equipment most likely to be required in contagion/pathogenic analysis.

Store Room
Nobody goes in there except senior medical staff. Nobody save those priviledged few truly knows what lies beyond that perennially locked door.

Maybe it's an imprisoned alien lifeform! Maybe it's the Isannah's old Executive Officer! Maybe it's the creature from beneath the TRAP DOOR!

No, it's a well-lit, grey store room, with row upon row of well-ordered shelves containing medical drugs on the left hand and far sides, and medical equipment (slightly less well-ordered) on the near and right-hand sides.

Chief Medical Officer's Office

Head Researcher / Chief Surgeon Officer's Office
The office itself, a square room, is sparsely decorated. The walls are white and ivory, matching the colour scheme of the 'Bay as a whole. There is a mahogany desk, ordered such that the owner sits with his back to the door, and whomever is visiting him faces it. The chair's either side are beige leather, and of swivel construction.

A small replicator is built into the wall on the right. Above it and to the left is a portrait-photograph of a young Betazoid woman in mortarboard and a doctoral robe, holding a rolled-up parchment tied with a black ribbon. Beside that is Gear's Doctoral Certificate, authorising him to practise medicine aboard a Federation Vessel.

At the centre of the desk, angled for ease of viewing, is an access panel to the ship's computer and medical databases. To one side of that is a small picture of a red-headed woman in a delicate blue dress. She is laughing at whoever is taking the photograph, her eyes soft and affectionate. To the other side of the desk is a small brass plaque on a wooden mount, upon which is written: "Ægroto, dum anima est, spes est.", which means, to a close approximation, "While the sick man has life, there is hope."

Behind that is an antique globe, about a foot in diameter, mounted in a mahogany and copper stand. The stand has rotating concentric circles that pinpoint latitude and longitude with a delicately constructed set of cantilever controls. The globe is that of Betazed, or Cyndriel V.

A small, gold-plated windup pocketwatch sits on a small, custom-carved wooden stand at the far right of the desk. TFTP is engraved in the wooden base.

A chiselled tablet rests beneath the lamp on the desk, carved in the ancient written language of the Cyndriel. At the top, it bears an inscription in what seems to be verse form, followed by a lengthy piece of text. If one could read that ancient language, the verse would translate as the following traditional Betazoid blessing.

That love shall exist, we know.
That love shall guide, we hope.
That love shall flourish, we pray.
That love shall endure, we believe.

Beneath the verse, in the same script, could be deciphered the following:


When I first met you, I couldn't imagine needing someone...
Now I want to do nothing but spend my life with you.

I want nothing more than to help you, hold you, comfort you and give to you.
All that I am is now intertwined with you.

That is what has led us here, in front of our friends, family and crewmates.
To proclaim this bond as sacred and holy.
My life, my love, and all that I have, I give to you freely.

Here and now I promise myself to you, to always be faithful, and always trust.
Always hope, always persevere, always comfort, always care, and most of all, always love.
No matter what we go through, this promise of mine is still true, as long as we live.


Two and a half years ago, a young man stood before you,
He admired you and adored you.
Now I stand before you once more,
To make it known that I still admire you, and I still adore you,
And that I wish to spend the rest of my life admiring you, and adoring you.

You are my love and my friend.
Times have tested our resolve, and shall no doubt continue to do so.
But as we have in the past, I know we shall come through all tests, together.
We shall come through them, the bond between us stronger and the light that guides us brighter than ever.

You have my mind, my heart and my very soul.
Everything that I am, is yours.
My love, my life.
My Imzadi.

Written By: Becknar Gear's Player

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