The Isannah

The USS Isannah, NCC-60589 is a Nebula Class Vessel under the command of Captain Jesa Callen, currently attached to Sector 251. She's officially designated as an Exploration vessel, but that more often means it's a nice way of saying she spends most of her time doing "milk runs." She boasts significant crew recreational facilities, several class-mods and was last refitted in 2379. At that time she was installed with a Bay Pod, increasing the Isannah's capacity for support craft. While no longer hosting a fighter wing as was originally intended, a Danube Class Vessel, the USS Janaran (NCC-111118) makes its permanent home there along with a compliment of support craft.

This section of the Database provides information, statistics, and history of the USS Isannah. If support craft is of more interest, search the Shuttlebay section.

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