2382. The breath between storms. The Dominion War ended seven years ago but its scars linger on. A sense of pompous self-importance has resulted in the minds of some, and the rallying cry of "We beat the Borg. We beat the Dominion," is heard in many quarters. Others take a more solemn approach to duty, realizing the preciousness of what it is they have survived to enjoy. Still others realize just how close everything came to disaster...

It's a time of recovery, a time of hope. A time when the newly galvanized Starfleet, purged of its own self-doubt in the blood lost at each encounter, forges ahead again into the process of rebuilding. Changes have swept the local area of space, as each power attempts to shake off the wounds inflicted during the war. A newer generation starts to arise, not having experienced the pain and sacrifice first-hand, but hearing tale of it by everyone left around them.

This is the time of the Isannah.

And her Captain - Jesa Callen.

Very few people realize the truth of why this bright and promising young officer disappeared for three years, newly married, with her husband off into places that no record followed. And why she returned, those three years later, heart-of-steel and mind full of purpose. Somehow her return provoked the return of the Isannah, as she emerged from the place in Starbase 118's hangar that she had been quietly tucked, to be forgotten evermore.

A personal tale of suffering and loss is intertwined through this ship's history. The Captains of the Isannah had always somehow engendered that bond between Captain and crew which allowed for the extraordinary to happen. And no matter what was thrown at them, they always managed to make it home... sometimes with much fewer numbers than before. But the Isannah always carried them faithfully.

There's a darkness that can almost be felt as one walks the corridors, secrets held within the hearts of many. A solemn sense of duty becomes a crushing weight on the eve of engagement. A sense of brotherhood in the preparations. There's no room for self-delusion here. No room for self-pity. There is only one recourse left to the good---duty. Duty to self, to friend, to crewmates, to all those who cannot know and cannot fight for themselves.

The pained nobility, not from birth, not from any sense of outward-imposed obligation, but that of choice---Isannah. They were the same.

Do you dare walk among us?

The USS Isannah is a Play By E-mail Role-playing Game set in the Old Earth year of 2382 in the Star Trek Universe. We are an independent group and have no ties or affiliations to any larger organization. You can apply to us through the "Join Us" link in the main menu. The Isannah is under the permanent command of Captain Jesa Callen, and her writer is the GM of the game. You can read through our old archives by clicking on the "Archive" link on the main menu. Also, current activities on the Isannah can be found under the "Ready Room" links. If you need more explanation about what each area contains (as it can be somewhat confusing the first time) head to the "Sitemap" section, also located on the main menu.

Site Note:

In character information will generally be presented in grey text. There is some ambiguity in certain sections, especially on this front page, but if it's written in grey assume it to be an in character happening or information which can be used in-game on the Isannah itself. Generally this is information that your character can look up and know.

Out of character information will generally be presented in white text. This relates to the happenings of the *players* or the history of the players with regards to writing the story of the Isannah. For example, the tour section under "Player Tour" is all written from *me* the writer of Jesa Callen, to *you*, the potential writer of some other character and regards out of character conduct and information on playing within this group.

Getting Acquainted
Prologue: Return to Grace - The story of Jesa Callen's return to command.
Tour - Introduction to the Isannah.
Sitemap - Outline of this Site's Contents.

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