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Character Tour - The character tour is written from the point of view of an anonymous new crewmember who is taking a tour of the ship. Lead through various places by the rather infamous David Kelley, the character is introduced to the look and feel of the ship, as well as the key personnel aboard her.

The various portions of the Character Tour are written by the writers aboard the Isannah, not just me (writer of Jesa Callen) and below are a credits list for the various sections.

  • Transporter Room - Meet Chief Petty Officer David Kelley, the "tour guide", a questionably competent human who seems more interested in explaining the reason the flecks in the carpet come out to an even number no matter how the panels are cut more than passing on any information you could actually use. But if nothing else, he is entertaining...
  • Bridge - "The core of the orange, the beating heart of the living beast, the mass of neurons in the brainstem, the very center of the nectarine, the Pompey of the Empire. Okay, well, I mighta got a little carried away, but it's important anyhow." David Kelley becomes more than a little annoying as his abstract answers become even less coherent. But at least you get to see the bridge, and that has to count for something.
  • Ready Room - Captain Jesa Callen, composed, regal, and friendly, welcomes you aboard while gently reminding you that you probably should have reported to your department head first. Either way, she encourages you to finish the tour, and keep your eyes open for anything amiss. The Isannah is, after all, full of surprises.
  • Helm - Operations Officer Jiana Kennedy introduces you to the basics of her job, without confusing you to death about all the intracies of it. Which is probably a good thing too, the Operations department is more convoluted than a crueler twisted into a pretzel shape.
  • Tactical Station - Officer () seems to have a particular grudge against your tour guide, and keeps glaring at him until he moves off. As soon as David Kelley is happily yammering at someone over at the Science Station his expression softens and he welcomes you to the Isannah. The obvious questions are answered as he explains the ins and outs of his job, and his rather unusual bridge station.
  • Main Security Office - A blue-eyed Bajoran stares at you over a padd in such a way to make you wonder if you had interruped something of particular importance. Hesitantly asking to be logged into the computer's security systems makes her loosen up somewhat, but not much. David Kelley spends so much time hiding behind you that you have to worry about tripping on him.
  • Main Engineering - The beating heart of the ship. The thrum of the warpcore seems quite soothing on some primal level, until you have an unfortunate run-in with that department's boss --- The Chief Engineer.
  • Main Sickbay - One of the unfortunate duties of all boarding officers is that if checking into sickbay for a physical and to confirm medical records have been transferred from the last duty post. You are no exception. The Chief Medical Officer seems to be quite the friendly, jovial sort. Whether that's an accurate impression or not, is anyone's guess.
  • Counselor's Office - Counselors. They say they can see right through to your very soul --- at least that's what scuttlebutt says --- it's their job to. And the most common response to scrutiny is fear. So don't be fearful. But if you're too confident. Then you're probably hiding something. There's no way to win! Thankfully this Counselor at least seems likeable.
  • Science Lab 1 - Amist David Kelley's insane ramblings, you actually get to meet the Chief Science Officer, Lieutenant Commander Levin. Quietly confident, he seems to exude a competence that isn't marked by swaggering self-importance. He even manages to handle David Kelley with some sembalance of grace --- that has to be worth something.
  • Diplomatics - You slip away from your annoying tour guide for a little while, hoping he'll get bored and leave you alone to find your way to your quarters. Oddly enough you end up wandering on deck six
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Player Tour - The Player Tour regards information which is required for players to know before simming on the Isannah. It details everything from what we consider to be "Star Trek Canon" for the purposes of this sim, the rules and responsibilities of the GM, ratings, the actual way most of the sims on the Isannah are written, and everything else someone needs to begin writing in this game.

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Prologue: Return to Grace
This is the story covering the intervening inactive period aboard the USS Isannah. It takes them from shortly after Buck and Jesa's wedding on Starbase 118 and follows their movements for slightly more than three years as they attempt to fight against the forces that conspire against them. It's a wearying road, and an uphill battle, with no guarantees of success, but they continue anyway...

  • 1. Fate's Reprieve - The dark shadow passes harmlessly
  • 2. Unavoidable Circumstance - Things change for the worst for Jesa and Buck as the reality of danger visits them
  • 3. Hiding - Momentarily safe, but not home and the quiet acknowledgement of her own atrophy in a life she would not choose
  • 4. A Window to Oneself - Jesa's private explorations of her unique nature
  • 5. Decision to Leave - A course of action set, much to Jesa's relief
  • 6. Summoning the Shade - Buck calls on an "old friend" to repay an even older debt
  • 7. Worried Parents - They are not forgotten, as family of blood and adoption works from the other side to find them
  • 8. A Sorrowful Rain - Other pressing concerns divert the attention of one Jessie Callen
  • 9. Autumn Changes - A deeper exploration of what was always there
  • 10. Differences in Culture - Sometimes complete honesty is harder to deal with than one thinks
  • 11. Tho' Much is Taken, Much Abides... - Sometimes strength is only found once one turns away from all prior support
  • 12. Special Delivery - Suspicion translates into evidence, flimsy through it may be
  • 13. Confirmation - An old friend at R&D is called in to help confirm or deny the few pieces of hard evidence they've found
  • 14. The Strike - Fighting back without dagger or blood, Jesa crashes the Admiral's meeting
  • 15. To the Edge of Night - Familial ramifications of what has happened occur as Jesa goes to speak with her historically most outspoken opponent---her mother-in-law
  • 16. Living Again - The threat passes for the moment, as Jesa and Buck find themselves still alive and breathing
  • 17. The Captain - Donning of the old colors
  • 18. Not all Roses, but Home Just the Same - The USS Isannah, she who has waited for their return

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