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This section, titled Ship's Library, is meant to be a compilation of the information we regularly draw on which is not generally known from watching Star Trek series. In addition it details that which has been developed while simming on the Isannah (or created by one of the players and approved for inclusion in the background materials). This area includes everything from the background storyline on four separate scales, political and timeline information.

Please note that the information contained within will be a synthesis between canon and non-canon information, collectively making up what we've come to refer to as the Isannahverse, meaning the universe in which the Isannah is set in. The one main thing which is not included within this section are the rules and regulations for simming on the Isannah. For that information, you will need to visit the Player Tour.

Galactic - Alpha-Beta - Federation - Sector 251 - Species - Roleplaying

Galactic Considerations
Political Powers
  • The Borg
  • The Wraythen
  • The Dominion
  • The Q
  • Interrelations between Galactic Political Bodies
  • Comparison and Contrast between the Technologies Utilized by the Three Galactic Powers
  • The Definition of Culture as it Relates to Assimiliation-Based Political Bodies
  • Ascended: The "Gods" that Still Walk Among Us
  • Galactic Map

Alpha-Beta Quadrant Powers
  • Development of Local Political Powers
  • The History of War
  • The Dominion War
  • Timeline
Political Powers
  • The United Federation of Planets
  • The Klingon Empire
  • The Romulan Star Empire
  • The Cardassian Union
  • The Bajoran Territories
  • The Ferengi Alliance
  • The Breen Confederacy
  • The Tholian Assembly
  • The New Khall'ianen Union
  • The Sheliak Corporate
  • The Talarian Militia
  • The Tzenkethi
  • The Gorn
  • The Balance of Power
  • Common Technology
  • Relative Vessel Strengths and Characteristics
  • "Signature" Technology of Various Powers
  • Forbidden Technologies
  • Whatever the Ferengi have Access to, Everyone Else Will Soon
  • Recent Technological Innovations
  • Synthesis Cultures
  • The Rights of the "Commoner"
  • Notable Cultural Contributions
  • Alpha-Beta Quadrant Map

Federation and Surrounding Areas
  • From Founding to Present Day
  • The History of War
  • Political Structure
  • Medicines
  • Planetary Classifications
  • Military vs Civillian Technology
  • Offensive
  • Defensive
  • Common
  • Medical or Scientific
  • Restricted Technology
  • Member Worlds
  • Non-Member Worlds (Located in or near Federation Space)
  • Orion Syndicate
  • Maquis
  • Section 31
  • Letheans
  • Evolution's Chosen

Sector 251 and the Isannah
  • Starbase 118 -- Sector Command
Assigned Fleet
  • Nebula
  • Intrepid
  • Saber
  • Danube
Local Vessel Types
  • Merchant Vessels
  • Deladrel
Notable Persons
  • Fleet Admiral Trenton Septimus Wolfe
  • Admiral Gerald Thaddeus Ingram
  • Admiral Richard Connolly-Grier
  • The Mat'at'ine of Deladrel
  • The Circumferate

Sentient Species
  • Acamarian
  • Anatarian
  • Bajoran
  • Betazoid
  • Changeling
  • Daledian
  • Human
  • Kithitaran
  • Faerehsharine (non-native)
  • Trill
  • Intelligent Species Listing

Roleplaying Resources
Sometimes known as the arena for the GM's rants.

  • Idolizing the Earth That Was
  • Starfleet: Homo-Sapiens Club?
  • Earth's Past Cultures = Alien Culture?
  • The Interesting, The Cliché, The Boring and the Bold
  • The Official Word On Ripoffs
  • Drama vs Realism
  • The Main Plot
  • Subplots and NPCs
  • Plausibility
OOC Relations
  • The Final Word
  • Contact! Contact! Contact!
  • Players and Pet Plots
  • Problems with Other Players
Isannah FAQ
  • It Never Happened!
  • About the Isannah
  • On The Characters
  • On The Players

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